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And so on any color , and I sense a similar adjustment is not grasped , the more so that the middle I clearly regulated.
After the change of STK 392-110 x two pieces , the situation is distinguishable recovered . Green went flawlessly , but red and blue , as agreed in almost ray beam fade up in the upper left corner and not very much - down at the bottom right corner.
Voltage to STK - 27.8 Volt and 28.5 Volt and preV + and preV- differ stronger. Try to change the capacity of S827 and S828 ( was not at hand ) .
But the question remains - how did the reduction required to adjust the pressure-sensitive buttons on the Convergence PWB?
Replacing the capacitors did not give anything. Changed in a circle STK 392-110 - these , too, have no complaints, unnecessarily found one dead and looked again , as it was before , and how it was then .
In short , once again - Green went flawlessly , but red and blue as agreed in almost ray beam skidoo up in the upper left corner and not so much - down at the bottom right .
As a win?
Feeling that only regulations , however, do not know how , please tell me about the procedure .
In short , I'm a dunce . By rail parts are all well fashioned , but with adjustable yuzerovskoy not immediately understand . All regulated ( in this case) of yuzersky adjustment - reduction rays. I somehow thought that can only be corrected in the center and out , pressing digital buttons on the remote may elect each of the nine points of the screen. Ten minutes to fix everything flawlessly.


TV JVC HV-29SL50. Requires login to the service menu .

Composition of the TV :
processor MICRONAS VCT 6743G B3 08 210448.102.27ZCF;
STR X6750 - Power Supply ; LA78045 - HR chip , 2SC5905;
Chassis unknown.
Memory 24C32WP.


, the entrance to the service required .
11AK37- 11 chassis. Processor - ST92195 firmware JVC B24.
Login : MENU button and code 4725 .



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made in Europe,


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