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button (DISPLAY) three times .


service LCD TV KONKA LC32AS28.

Going microprocessor TDA15063H1/N1C00.
Entry into service : MENU --- RETURN ( adhere to ten seconds) .


service unit Konka ks21tk391s

, processor tda12062, planar .
MENU button on the remote and five times Q.VIEW. Push quickly , did not immediately enter.


TV Konka k2139ax

, entrance into the service menu .

TV KONKA K2139AX, processor SDA5522 A004.Pomenyal FBT 154 -375F, all gone , however, the envelope a couple of centimeters of personnel increased. must be corrected from the service.
1 - Press the MENU button on the remote
2 - three times to press on the remote RECALL
At the same time , the pause between pressings is bound to be about 0.5 seconds.

To exit the service mode, use RECALL.




Processor CKP1003S, the chassis is not familiar.
Entering the service ... "MENU", again "MENU", then "MUTE", then "9" again " 9" , and again "MENU". With all failed geometry . For information , such apparatik only two thousand pieces were produced !


TV LC863532-57S9 - 3Y31 chassis.

Processor LC863532-57S9, video processor LA76818A, tuner
ETV-5F3T1-E06W (PLL), ICE1QS01 + 04N60C3.
Memory 24C08WP - most amusing ! This memory is not PonyProg
read ! But not scary. Chassis as blank memory included
(FF), and without it into operation immediately .
Entering the service menu: the window of "PictureMenu" file
Teams with Remote , then , by switching service
timer button . Exit the service menu -

Default PLL tuner installed ( and earned the right )
but has the potential to switch to VST.



board inside
from POLARa (S- 08 chassis ) Processor TDA9381PS/N3/1/1744 (Polar
4.2) , the fourth line .
Entering the service menu: dial - duty room of STATUS, then
MENU, and then MUTE TIMER.



CARAT TV SK- 5399 .

Log into the service menu :


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