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• Sets the minimum brightness and contrast (the image was barely visible) and the adjustable parameters R-CUT, G-CUT, B-CUT works to ensure that the screen image without colors.

Adjusting Focus

This can be done in a working TV mode, set it up to receive one of the television programs.
Set the minimum saturation value. FOCUS knob on the line transformer sets optimum focus images on the entire screen.

Typical fault TV

Schematic diagram of TV chassis MC-71B is shown in Fig. 2-6 in the zip archive.

No raster. There is no sound

Turn on the TV to a network that includes it and measure the voltage B + (about 110) at the collector of Q402 (Figure 2). If no voltage, check the fuse FR459. If he is correct, proceed to check the power supply
An ohmmeter check the mains fuse F801. If he is correct, voltmeter, measure the voltage at the output of the rectifier network - the positive terminal of the capacitor S808.
If the voltage of about 300V on it, go to the verification of chip IC801. If the output voltage of the rectifier is missing, check for open circuit elements SW801, T801, T802, P801, D801, FB801.



1) Set your TV to receive digital model, unless otherwise indicated.
2) Press the OK button and the control panel and remote control at the same time.
3) Click on the yellow button on the remote control to select SVC-1 mode.
4) Press-CH up / down (T / U) buttons for aiming adjustment function.
5) Press VOL up / down (/) button to the right pictures.
6) Click OK (Y), to remember the corrected data.
Setting HS (horizontal shift)
Adjust to the vertical center line of a digital model according to the geometric center of the vertical picture tube. VS (Vertical displacement)
Adjust so that the horizontal line, the center of the digital circle pattern in accordance with the geometric center of the horizontal
Picture tube. VL (Vertical linearity)
Adjust so that the boundary between the upper and lower half is in agreement with the vertical line.

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