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VA (H)
Adjust the inside of the circle at the top and bottom of the display.
EW (East-West Width)
Adjust to a digital model of the circle looks like an exact circle.
EP (East-West Parabolar)
Adjust so that the middle portion of the far left and right vertical parallel vertical lines with CRT.
EC (East-West Coner)
Adjust so that the vertical line on all 4 corners
The screen looks like parallel with vertical lines of picture tube.
ET (East-West trapeze)
Adjust to the length of the top horizontal line with it a lower horizontal line.
SC (West Vertical Correction)
Adjust so that the distances between a horizontal line will be the same.


LG MC-84

LG TV service mode on the chassis MC-84A.
Model: CF 14/20/21 K50/52E/X, CF 14/16/20/21 F60, CF 21/21 F80
The order of entry into the service mode
To enter the service mode, press the SVC at a special service remote control or simultaneously press the OK button on the OEM remote control and front panel of the TV. Yellow button remote control switch modes of service (SVC-0, 1, 2, 3).
Selected at each of the modes required parameter by pressing PR + / PR-, and change the contents of the buttons VOL + / VOL-.
SVC-0 mode (Fig. 1)
AGC 14
RG 32
GG 31
BG 27
Fig. 1
In this mode, the regulated 5 parameters: AGC (automatic gain control voltage tuner), the magnitude of primary color signals (RG, GG, BG), CDL reference point cathodes.
Recommended settings:
AGC - 14, RG - 32, GG - 31, BG - 27, CDL - 6. CDL parameter can have two values:
• 2 - to kinescope 14 "and 16";
• 6 - picture tubes for 20 "and 21".
Note. For the tuner type 6700VPF002A (marking ALPS) voltage at the AGC should be equal to 3.5, and for the tuner type 6700VPF003V (marking LGES) - 2,7 V.
Mode SVC-1 (Fig. 2)
VL 34
VS 25
VA 43
HS 36
SC 10
Fig. 2
In this mode, the adjustable parameters 5: VL (linear vertical), VS (vertical offset), VA (vertical size), HS (horizontal shift) SC (S-correction). These parameter values are shown in Table. 1.

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