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To exit the service mode of the TV to standby mode using the remote control "Power". Consider the sequence of adjustments on the chassis of the main parameters of the MC-994A.

Treble AGC

This adjustment is required after changing the tuner, and also when a considerable noise (interference) on the image.
Х Connect a voltmeter to the pin. 1 Tuner TU101.
Х Served on the antenna input of the TV with a TV signal generator signal "Tsvetnyepolosy" with a level of 65 dB, and tune the TV to the reception of the signal, and then switch it to the service mode.
Х Select the menu option "AGC" and its regulation are making voltmeter equal to 2.3 V for the tuner type 6700VPV002A or 3.0 V - for the tuner type 6700VPV002B.
"OK" button stores the new value of the parameter "AGC".

accelerating voltage adjustment

The accelerating voltage is usually adjusted after replacing the tube or after repair scheme horizontal.
Х Served on the antenna input of the TV signal "color bars" from the generator of television signals.
Х In the service mode menu, select "LINE SVC 3", and in it - the parameter "CUTOFF".
Х Turn the Screen on the transformer T402 are out to bright horizontal line was barely visible.

White Balance Adjustment

This operation is performed after the necessary adjustment of the accelerating voltage.
Х On the TV antenna input signal is fed "white box" and set the Contrast to maximum, and brightness - 90% of the maximum position.
Х In the service mode menu, select "LINE SVC 0".
Х By adjusting the parameters of "GG" and "BG" white balance to achieve the "bright."
Х Establish adjust the brightness and contrast so that the screen almost glowing, and adjusting the parameters "RC", "GC" and "sun" are making the white balance in the "dark."
Х If necessary, repeat the adjustment several times for optimal white balance.
The factory settings are shown in Table. 5.
Table 5. Factory settings White Balance

Setting Factory Defaults


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