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Adjusting Focus

This operation is performed in the same cases as the previous one, as well as deterioration of the focus. Turn on the TV, it is fed to the antenna input signal "Grid" or "Test 10 Table" and heated for 15 ... 20 min. Then the controller Focus on line transformer achieve the best focus image.

adjustment geometry images

This adjustment is performed as needed.
Х Served on the antenna input on the TV is the same signal as in the previous case.
Х Before adjusting the button "ARC" on the remote control select the image format "STANDARD".
Х Enter the service mode, and in it - choose the menu "UNESVC2".
Х Consistently chosen parameters "VL" (vertical linearity), "VS" (vertical alignment), "VA" (vertical dimension), "HS" (horizontal alignment), "SC" (S-correction) and regulate of the image.



1. Preparing to configure the deviation
1) In the SVC, press button yellow.
If the remote access controller does not have the yellow key, you must use the Service Remote Control (105-201G), and click the button SVC.
And then, the deviation of the adjustment OSD (SVC1 mode) will be displayed.
2) Press the channel up / down to trying to function
3) Press the Volume up / down to adjust the data.
2. The deviation of the adjustment procedure
VL (Vertical linearity)
Adjust so that the boundary between the upper and lower half is in agreement with the geometrical center of horizontal transmission.
VA (Vertical amplitude)
Adjust so that the circle of digital model of the circle can be located in an effective PPC screen. SC (West Vertical Correction)
Adjust so that the distances between a horizontal line will be the same.
VS (Vertical displacement)
Adjust so that the horizontal center line of a digital circle pattern in accordance with the geometric center of horizontal transmission.
HS (horizontal position)
Adjust so that the vertical center line of a digital circle pattern in accordance with the geometric center of the vertical transmission.

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