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EW (width)
To adapt to this digital model of the circle looks like an exact circle.
EP (East-West Parabolar)
Adjust so that the middle portion of the far left and right vertical line looks like parallel with vertical lines of transmission.
EC (East-West Coner)
Adjust so that the vertical line on all 4 corners
The screen looks like parallel with vertical lines of transmission.
ET (East-West trapeze)
Adjust to the length of the top horizontal line with it a lower horizontal line.
VZ (Zoom Mode, vertical height)
Select the zoom button of the ARC and to adjust the data lines A and B Figure 5 ~ 10mm from the top and bottom of the gearbox and 3 ~ 5 mm on either side of transmission.



Adjust the white balance. (LINE SVC-0)
NOTE: This adjustment should be performed after screen voltage adjustment.
1) Set up the TV for a 100% white model.
2) Press OK (Y) button on the TV and the remote control at the same time get in the mode of SVC.
3) Press-PSM (RED) button on the remote control.
(Standard image)
4) Press the channel up / down to achieve the function of adjustment.
5) Set the VOL + or VOL-button GG031.
6) Set the VOL + or VOL-button in each status of "RG" - "/" BG

  • "To X = 293! 8, Y = 295! 8 color analyzer.

7) Click OK (Y), to store the adjustment data.



These settings Deviation (Line SVC-1)
Note: To enter SVC mode, press the "OK" button, two buttons on the TV remote control and at the same time.
1. Preparing to configure the deviation
1) In the SVC, press button yellow.
If the remote access controller does not have the yellow key, you must use the Service Remote Control (105-201G), and click the button SVC.
And then, the deviation of the adjustment OSD (SVC1 mode) will be displayed.
2) Press the channel up / down to trying to function
3) Press the Volume up / down to adjust the data.
4) Press the OK button to store the adjusted data before exiting
SVC mode.
2. The deviation of the adjustment procedure
VL (Vertical linearity)

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