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Button "SVC" 4
These models have an electronic configuration of the raster, you just need to know how to enter into a special service mode.
The figure shows a remote control. If you remove the top cover from it, you will see four groups of contacts for the 4 buttons, but the top cover is not at the buttons holes and keys.
Second from the left button is used to enter the service mode.



1. Preparing for the deviation setting
1) In the SVC, press the yellow.
If the Remote Access Controller have yellow button, you should use the service Remote Control (105-201G) and click SVC.
And then, the deviation of the adjustment OSD (SVC1 mode) will be displayed.
2) Press the channel up / down to trying to function
3) Press the volume up / down to adjust the data.
2. Deviation of the adjustment procedure
1) Vertical adjustment
SLECT VS and adjust to the center of a manual transmission, and that out of the screen and select the same VA and adapt to match the inner circle of the screen with the outer frame transmission.
2) Horizontal adjustment
Select SS and configure a manual transmission to the center of the screen, and that is the same.
3) Vertical S correction setting. Select and configure the PC, while the upper side of the bottom cushion equal.
4) Click OK (Y), to store data.


LG MC-006

1) Press the yellow button or OP1, paragraphs 2, paragraphs 3, paragraphs 4 buttons
SVC Remote Controller.
2) Enter the data directly using the buttons corresponded with
OPTION1? (0 ~ 127) OPTION2? (0 ~ 63), option3
? (0 ~ 127) and teletext? (6 ... 131).
3) Select the function of each option CH up / down, and then set each option, Vol Up / Down button.


LG MC-007A

Adjust the white balance. (LINE SVC 1)
NOTE: This adjustment should be performed after the voltage adjustment screen.
1) Set up the TV for a 100% white model.

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