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TV LG 21FS2 MC-049C.

Service menu entry .
Ingredients: Processor LG046N.
Kinescope replaced , you need to narrow personnel .
On the panel and on the remote control several times to press Menu .


TV LG CT-29Q901P MC-006A

enter the service menu
Ingredients: processor SDA 9410-100, memory 24C16, CXA-2100AQ, VPC- 3230,
entrance into the service menu - ok ok on the remote on the TV. Hold for about 5 seconds.



proektsionnik entrance into the service menu .
Ingredients: Processor SDA555, memory 24S16 2p. , Remote 6710V00113E, MP-03AB chassis.
menu-menu and hold .


Service Monitor with TV- tuner LG

Ingredients: processor M228WA-BZ
In the service menu as a result hit by press the menu button on the monitor and the remote for 10-12 seconds .


Enter service mode TV LG 21FU6 (ultra slim).

Chassis CW81B, processor LV76223 3F, memory 24C16, TDKS BSC25-n0363.
entrance into the service menu : first "ok" on the remote , a bit later "ok" on the unit.


Requires service 100Hz LCD LG 29FS4RNX chassis MC- 05NA

The TV burnt piece of lumber . Took place with other stogertsovogo telly as such is not found . To adjust the size and distortions need TV service .
Entered the service menu so . On your TV to press MENU + MENU button on the remote simultaneously. How to save the settings. Press OK after adjustment. All templates for skiing .


TV LG ( China) , the processor LC863532C-55K9 entrance into the service menu ?

Remote 50JI ( no hidden buttons )
Microprocessor LC863532C-55K9
video processor LA76810A

Volume to 0 on the front panel and the RECALL button on the remote , poprobyval , is not.
Needed: 0 Volume on the button MENU, code 6568 and all is well .



, how to enter the service menu.
Ingredients: CPU - LC863532C. Written on the remote - 57V5 ,

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