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7. Horizontal Size - HA.
8. Correction in the corners - CC.
9. Keystone - PT.
10 . White balance -RGB.
11. Adjusting stereo -S-ADJ: In the tuner input test signal
apply ,
containing stereo . Connect the oscilloscope probe to pin 3 SCART
connector. Get the best separation of the right and left
audio channels .
12. Adjusting stereo - L-ADJ: submit to the tuner input TV signal with
level more 60dBmkV/75 ohm stereo containing .
oscilloscope probe to pin 1 on the SCART connector. Get
the best separation of the left and right audio channels .
13. Linearity control - CRT.
14. Cutoff level cathodes - GR / G+ / GL: used for
adjusting the accelerating voltage grid .
15. Delay relative luminance color -DELAY.

Accelerating electrode voltage regulation , definition and values
signals cathodes of Governors:

  • put : at minimum brightness, contrast to maximum , in

middle position saturation.
The input - signal test apparatus to apply a black field.
Log - in service menu, choose a topic GR / G+ / GL ( parameter G+
shall not be changed ) .

  • GR parameter regulate the right to the best values ??.
  • GL parameter regulate the right to the best values ??.

Adjust these parameters so that the pointer between GR and
GL jumped .

In service mode, it is possible to access the options
TV _ris configuration 2 .

  • Access to the selected option (OPTION 1 ... OPTON 7 ) is possible with

using the buttons L + and L-.

  • Option selected can be enabled or disabled OFF ON with

Use the yellow .
Options 5 and 6 , in some versions of the program can not be used .

  • any change option is saved automatically in the constant

TV's memory.

Bandwidth options _ris 2 :
If the option 7 , the TV into standby mode automatically
proceeds , after six minutes after disconnecting the TV signal .
Otherwise , TV TT remain.
Option three is active, picking up from version 1.7 ( the version number
program when entering the service mode is displayed ) .
Get out of the service is to lean on the TV remote control or turn the TV off .


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