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Chassis , in my opinion , 17XL.6. Drawn 17XL.6? I'm just not convinced that this chassis is.
Composition processor ST92R195BO \ ERF, memory 24WC32, audio processor MSP34010, tuner - 6002 pH5 inscription personnel not noticeable power tda16846?
Log into the service menu on the remote synchronous blue and red , release , then to the unit volume plus and minus program also synchronously .


New TV MEDION 28 "MD20003-A, unit 100 Hz. DC

Chassis VECO ZA1.196- 08 or UH8.160 TE2
not exactly say
processor SDA 6000 A23.
Everything works in this way : Menu and code 9301 .
Why did not come out - perhaps buggy console, do not know.
Pins otherwise - five identical Medion - and on the nameplate model all different and basic, no binding to the magnitude of the kinescope : MD42211-A, MD21023 , and so on (all A66 -68) typing any five digits - will not disappoint ! ('')
A chassis must somehow curse - write who knows right .
This is version 22.1. Monitored. Service good.


(LCD) TV Metz 30TL55

- service mode.
Just need to connect SECAM DK , and if needed , then another, and Russian.
Written inside 17MB11, Vestel. Login as usual and Vestel , Menu button and code 4725 .
Standard sound arose after dropping to the factory settings in the service menu. Why - do not know, I do not want to know .
Since the birth of this model produced cartoon .


TV Metz G3478

- service menu included, but no adjustments .
Microprocessor S3P8849X27-AQB9, video processor OM8839PS, memory 24S08 . Normally breaks : VOL I reduce to zero , push MUTE, MENU and MUTE again on the TV there is a top , a red letter S, but nothing beyond that and no misses the adjustment. Scheele memory several times - one size vary .
In operating mode 2 and 4 kontaktiki jumper connector CN601, arise "KWTVA SERVICE 11-23"
Or tested with MAK code 1001
TV says "S"
This is the entrance into the service menu limited . There is also "D", a full service menu entry to him a second time to get into the service , if I'm not mistaken .

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