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2) Click on the yellow button on the remote control in SVC
3) Press the PSM (RED) button on the remote control.
(Standard image)
4) Press the + or PR PR-button wanting adjustment function.
5) Set the Low Light status of the Czech Republic and the Central Bank with the VOL + or Volat CG: 50 to 262 X =? 8, Y = 266? 8.
6) Adjust the light of high status and BR with the VOL + or Volat CG: up to 370 x 262 =? 8, Y = 266? 8.
7) Repeat the above step 5) and 6), while for each status of high light and low light. (Europe: X = 283? 8, Y = 295? 8, color temperature: 9500K.)


LG MC-019


Entry into service mode and adjust the TV chassis MC-019A can be made using the remote control supplied with the TV. To enter the service mode, simultaneously press the OK button on the remote control and front panel.
Selecting the service mode SVC-0, SVC-1, OPTION 1, OPTION 2 OPTION 3 and made the yellow button on the remote control. In modes 0 and SVC-SVC-1 selection parameters using PRs and PRt, and sets the value of the - the volume.
In other modes, the choice of values is performed using the number buttons. To save your settings, you must click OK.
Some background information and recommendations for adjustment and parameter setting
Before adjustment, the TV should be checked and if necessary, set the value in the CDL SVC-0 mode, as shown in Table 4.
The values of the basic parameters (options) defining the configuration of TV (Europe and CIS) are shown in Tables 5, 6 and 7.
The adjustment to the TV chassis MC-019A can be made by conventional methods in the service mode SVC-SVC-0 and 1. Adjustable parameters and their initial values are given in Table 8.
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