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turn the unit on / off switch.
Appears on the SCREEN FACTORY ADJUST submenu with the following :
submenu 1 : SIGNAL
submenu 2 : BALANCE
sub 3 : GEOMETRY
4 submenus : ANALOG DATA
submenu 5 : PICTURE
6 sub : LOGO
submenu 7 : SYSTEM
submenu 8 : FACTORY OPTION
The second way to use the remote
to press Power, then mute, then call, then timer, and finally
button snake with arrows.
Tested - on LCD miniTV SUPER 7 "G700 fits . AV- 888 chassis .


How to enter the service menu


processor LC863232C 55M3
video processor LA7605A
memory 24C08A

A- 860 -55M3
chassis CJM060530?

Owner as it climbed into the service , now TV does not adjust and move the user menu .
Fresh TV , remote open do not want to ( lose -salable condition) .
Hidden buttons with remote ORVIKA HYF-08A go into the service menu did not work.
Climbed from the remote 5W63.
Peremknulo 2-16 drops on the remote contact (CD7461)
When you touch any change in a circle : FACTORY, then B / W BALANCE, then ADJUST MENU 0, and finally TV.
Diverting between paragraphs MENU, MUTE button on the remote .


TV '' Mitsai "Basic 37 .

Enter the service menu : simultaneously press on the remote
clock, and on the TV second election installations : secam, DK ... button ,
exit: button .


TV Mitsai TV Techno 51CM,

PT- 92 -90 chassis , microprocessor TDA 9350 PS/N1/2S0512
Enter the service menu : press on the remote control and SubPage Vol- volume on the TV. Present and DK and Secam.


TV Mitsai processor TDA9380PS/N1/1K0174.

from jake9999soobschenie , Mitsai Basic model TV- 37 cm


Premir 1 2 e depois no telecomando
Seleccionar "Lock" no menu (Features) "Caracteristicas"
Premir tecla 3 no telecomando
Premir e premida manter a tecla "Vol-" no painel frontal
(Para ir a Features »manter premida aty alterar Premir tecla

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