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Enter the service mode : MENU button and code 9301 .


Chinese TV

Natohal TV- 2198

stands on the castle.
Ingredients: processor LC863328A-3LD7, memory 24C08A, video processor LA76810A, remote 55K2.
Entered with the lock on the TV screen , press DISP button on the remote did not help. Was replaced by pure memory , but could not go into the service menu . Went through codes MENU, then 8500 , 8600 , 6568 , 8633 , 6483 , 7592 . Hidden buttons on the remote control is not.
Could not go into the service menu , but was able to unlock the old memory , a way of pressing MUTE on the remote synchronous and DISP.



Chassis on paper on board - CY050905 46421 . Processor : LC863532C
55K9 5UR23, memory : 24CO8A, video processor : LA76810A, tuner : GDC ET-K51E-CV100K, personnel chip : LA78040, TDKS: BSC24-01N4014K 51009A101975, transistor line : D2499, power supply D5498, sound chip : CD5265CS - 2p.
Problem: The machine is locked - in the lower left corner of the castle.
Push and hold the button for 10 seconds to DISPLAY .



Microprocessor SPL51-R02 422AX9731 (SPL50-R01) ( under the brands NEC, AKAI walked ) . Translation I sound standard resistor soldered between 100th bus 5 and the terminal 27 (IF-Code), transfer to BG / DK - 3,3 com resistor.
Enter the service mode : press the button to turn the remote MUTE, OK (M), TV. Selection of parameters - the up -and-down change in the settings - right-left, save in pamyatOK (M), exit the service TV.


TV TVVCR Nihon, model NVT-51R, the service menu.

Ingredients: processor M37762MCA-1K3GP, video processor TDA8842S1, LA71570, memory 24C04.
POWER- 2 -7-1 -MUTE tried from the duty room , tried soon , c procrastination after POWER, in general different .
Perhaps in another need? Originally connected TV screen illuminates after adding Screen, set net memory it worked , now adjust the geometry does not work.

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