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Chinese machine. processor P83C226 BDR/103. video processor TDA8842, memory 243c08, it is impossible to enter the service menu. Need to make the setting IF VCO, AFT adj.
38 foot controller on the case entered. Hidden inside the bottom of the remote button. It modifies Page.


TV Multitec (model-MEGA2000).

Service mode coincides with separate Metsai. "Press VOL" on the keyboard and "timer TXT" on the remote control (with code 1285 -2002 MAK key issues with this function).


TV MYSTERY MTV- 550 , MTV- 510 , MTV- 650 , MTV- 610
MTV- 710.

Entering the service menu: press the button "menu" on the remote control in the space of three seconds, then press the button consecutively 8, 6 , 2, 6 .



Log in service: push the button "Menu" on the remote control for three seconds, then the 9, 8, 8, 3 successively press.


TV MT Logic CTVDVD215TX (Chassis K5 BEKO).

Microprocessor VCT 49X3F PZ F1 000
Enter the service mode: MENU button and code 9301 .


Chinese TV

Natohal TV- 2198

stands on the castle.
Ingredients: processor LC863328A-3LD7, memory 24C08A, video processor LA76810A, remote 55K2.
Entered with the lock on the TV screen, press DISP button on the remote did not help. Was replaced by pure memory, but could not go into the service menu. Went through codes MENU, then 8500 , 8600 , 6568 , 8633 , 6483 , 7592 . Hidden buttons on the remote control is not.
Could not go into the service menu, but was able to unlock the old memory, a way of pressing MUTE on the remote synchronous and DISP.



Chassis on paper on board - CY050905 46421 . Processor: LC863532C
55K9 5UR23, memory: 24CO8A, video processor: LA76810A, tuner: GDC ET-K51E-CV100K, personnel chip: LA78040, TDKS: BSC24-01N4014K 51009A101975, transistor line: D2499, power supply D5498, sound chip: CD5265CS - 2p.
Problem: The machine is locked - in the lower left corner of the castle.

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