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Microprocessor SPL51-R02 422AX9731 (SPL50-R01) (under the brands NEC, AKAI walked). Translation I sound standard resistor soldered between 100th bus 5 and the terminal 27 (IF-Code), transfer to BG / DK - 3,3 com resistor.
Enter the service mode: press the button to turn the remote MUTE, OK (M), TV. Selection of parameters - the up-and-down change in the settings - right-left, save in pamyatOK (M), exit the service TV.


TV TVVCR Nihon, model NVT-51R, the service menu.

Ingredients: processor M37762MCA-1K3GP, video processor TDA8842S1, LA71570, memory 24C04.
POWER- 2 -7-1-MUTE tried from the duty room, tried soon, c procrastination after POWER, in general different.
Perhaps in another need? Originally connected TV screen illuminates after adding Screen, set net memory it worked, now adjust the geometry does not work.
Go into the service menu and did not work, but the native firmware corrected. Insert a blank memory, earned candy, pulled, pushed into the programmer, wrote the last three lines with bad firmware, recorded earned firmware, all good now, geometry tolerable.


TV 54T12 Onyx .

Login to the service menu : You can follows :
1. Set the volume to "0 " . (Necessarily )
2 . push button "MUTE" button on the remote
3 . Holding the button "MUTE", press on the TV front panel button "MENU".
4 . in the right corner of the screen will light up the letter "D", and in the left corner glows adjustment parameter and its value .
5 . Change page menu button "CAL"
Translation parameters occurs the red and green buttons on the remote control blue field . To change the parameters of blue and yellow buttons on a blue field.


oniks72tts1138 TV ,

8897 microprocessor , jm2985 chassis. Erisson, supra.
Enter the service mode : vol remove to 0, press disp l- appears factory, click on displ, again disp, and then qview qwiew- exit displ

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