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entrance into the service menu onyx 63tts11 TV -86 .

Ingredients: processor SBP8849X2-AOB9, video processor TDA8844.
how to get into the service menu , the phone 63tts11 onyx -86
need to change the size and vertical alignment . There remote native .
Onyx 63TTS11 - 19P , CH-10D chassis
Onyx 84TTS11 63 -19 -80, CH-10D chassis
Onyx 72TTS11 19_80_86_99P - CH-10D chassis
Onyx 63TTS11 -86 CH-10D chassis
Onyx 84TTS11 -80 CH-10D chassis
Log into the service menu - apply remote K11 series. Put the "Volume" at a minimum. Press on the remote control MUTE. Holding the button MUTE, push the MENU button on the TV until you see a red S symbol on the machine .
After the TV input to the service menu , push button on the remote CAL. Press MENU I choose either option I needed to adjust. Press MENU ---- or ---- set the required values ??.
Rotating core L066 loop optimal size set menu on the TV screen .
Get out of the service - turn off the TV .


72TTS11 ONYX -06 -P

entrance into the service menu TV 72TTS11 ONYX -06 -P
ONYX 72TTS11 -06 -P , memory 24S08A processor TDA9384PS/N3/3. I can not go to the service , correct geometry .
entrance into the service menu MUTE, then CALL and code 980.


TV ONYX 54KR2176 .

ONYX 54KR2176 .
Videoprocessor TV1238
Microcontroller 87CK38N-2B46
Fastest , Chinese.
1. In the working of the apparatus down the volume to zero , then push and hold the button on the front panel VOL-, press on the remote control button DISPLAY ( while the TV is translated into S- service mode ) .
2 . Release on the front of the TV button VOL-, push button on the remote DISPLAY. A second press on the front panel to the VOL-button again and push the button DISPLAY ( while the TV is obliged to transfer the service mode D - extended service menu ) .



Enter the service mode - like MIYOTA MY-6600R miniTV 6 '' LCD.
Standby mode (red LED) to press mute, then call, then timer button snake with arrows.

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