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TV LG "China" on LC863532C-55K9,

control type 50JI (no hidden buttons)
Entering the service menu: VOL is set to 0, then MENU, and quickly dial 6 5 6 8.


TV LG ("Chinese version"),

LC863332B 52Z6, LA76810A, TDA2003.
Turns off after 20 seconds and the screen blue vertical column (see photo). When pressing any button on the remote, the clock starts again.
With the memory of net work properly, but no sound was regulated (mouth full). The sound normally regulated for TDA2003 need to go into the service menu (MENU, then quickly 8 6 3 3), then the service will be available in four menus.
In MENU 3 ENG OPTION must be changed from 0 to 1, and then will be available to all 16 service menu. In MENU 8 to O-FIX-VOL changed from 0 to 1.



LG, LC863532C-55K9 (China).

VOL volume to 0, then MENU, 6568, everything is OK.


MODEL: KF-14/20/21U40 ANALOGS KF-14/20V30, KF-14/20/21U30/40

These models monoblocks setting raster made electronically. To enter the service mode, you must have a special service console (it fits all of the above models), on which there is an additional button "SVC" (see Figure 1).
Clicking on this button takes the candy bar in the service mode, which, guided by on-screen menu, you can make your picture.
In an emergency, when there is no special service console, you can do your own full-time remote control monoblock. In each of these there is a hidden button remote to enter the service mode.
To access it, you must either make out control or gently bend the plastic self-adhesive sticker. Location button "SVC" for different models is shown below:
2 - for KF-14/20/21U40
3 - for KF-14/20V30
4 - for KF-14/20/21U30
Also, it should be noted that all the remote controls of these models are interchangeable.


TVCR (monoblock)
MODEL KF-14/20/21V/U30

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