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By press button "P" remote exhibit typical size image. Variables p screen VR on TDKS (Fig. 1) regulate the signal swing of 120 ± 2,5 V.
4.Podstroyka color purity. Before doing this, the device is heated during 20 min.
Released until the bolt fastening magnets (Fig. 2). White field signal is fed from the output of the generator test signals. Through the outer coil completely demagnetize the picture tube.
Brightness and contrast controls are put out to the maximum.
Magnets moving forward or backward along the neck of the tube, reach on the screen from vertical green stripes (Fig. 3).
Carefully slip the block information. Slowly moving forward block magnets reach a uniform color and a vertical green band on the time fixed block magnets.
Alternately connect only a red and a blue gun control the color purity of red and blue fields, respectively. Irrevocably fixed block magnets.
5.IMAGE ADJUSTMENT information. Shoo apparatus during 20 min.
Give a signal net polya.Povorachivaya four-ring magnets, information reaching the red and blue vertical lines in the middle of the screen (Fig. 4). Adjusting the contrast and brightness achieve optimal picture clarity.
Modifying the angle between the four-pole magnet, reach optimal information red and blue vertical lines in the middle of the screen. Synchronously rotating the two rings of magnets, and saving a certain angle between them, connect the red and blue horizontal lines in the middle of the screen.
Similarly twist six-pole magnets, reaching combining blue and red lines with green.
Should be remembered that the transformation of the angle between the magnets allows to reduce vertical lines and synchronized their appeal - horizontal. If need adjustment reproduce.
6.Vystavlenie AGC threshold. Why expose AGC value equal to 23c service mode.
7. Setting signal presetting color saturation. When performing this procedure is useful PSR and NSR values ??determine by 2 and 5.
8. Trim geometric dimensions of the raster. Performed in order: SC> VS> HS. Transmit a signal to the unit test pattern. Expose the value of the signal (SOSCorrection) S-correction, approximately 9 to 20 - and 21-inch and 0 for 14-inch CRT and nominal signal VA, approximately

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