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Reset Adjustment, Option byte,.
Abbreviations that are used in a mode Adjustment: Horizontal Shift

  • Horizontal size, SBT - Sub Bright,

AGC - autom. regulation. gain, SCT - Sub Contrast, more STT -
Sub Tint, more RG - Red-Green drive gain,
further PSL - PAL vertical SLope, hereinafter SCR - Sub Color, further NSL

  • NTSC vertical SLope, further PDL -

Pal Delay, hereinafter BG - Blue-Green drive gain, further NDL - NTSC
Delay, further Cutoff, more RC - Red
Cutoff, hereinafter GC - Green, more BC - Blue Cutoff, Shift, further
PVA - PAL Vertical Amplitude PVS -
PAL Vertical, further PHS - PAL Horizontal Shift, further NVS - NTSC
Vertical Shift, more NVA - NTSC Vertical Amplitude.
To enter the service you need from the duty room on the remote control turns
such keys: P.STD - HELP - SLEP - POWER ON. These buttons on
remote have icons shown in Fig. 1.
On the screen there will notice SERVICE (FACTORY).
When the menu has four positions:
Х? Test Pattern - test image;
Х? Adjustment - adjustment;
Х? Reset - Reset.
Х? Option Bytes - bytes of options;
Positioning is accomplished group buttons CHANNEL: "arrow
down "," up arrow ".
In this case, when the replacement pipe need only two modes -
this Test Pattern and Adjustment.
Elect mode Adjustment. Pressing on the buttons UP (more) or
DOWN (less than), VOLUME (volume), Vlezte
in this mode. On the screen there will table the main adjustment
Getting around the table is realized using the "arrow
down "," up arrow ".

Explanation of adjustment parameters designated by abbreviated
uppercase letters screen is shown in the table.
Selecting and adjusting its adjustment range
given, according to
table gets underway buttons (volume) VOLUME, (more) UP
or (less) DOWN.
Values ??of all functions will be recorded in non-volatile memory
when you exit the Adjustment or when the unit is off.
Before adjusting the record certainly matter what to
parameter changes were.
This is the case of image deterioration in handy - always back
can return.
In the author outlines the episode had to change the settings: AGC,

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