cap site


RG, Sun, BG and PHS. Values ??of all adjustments to
and after the modification are shown in the table as well.
Test Pattern mode to control correctness of performance information
rays and adjustments needed
color purity. To position parameters Test Pattern access
performed when connected
mode service by the group buttons CHANNEL: Ti. Cursor
obliged to move on
Name Test Pattern. Then click on the VOLUME button. The screen
names seem
test image: RED - red screen, GREEN - green screen
and BLUE - blue screen.
Choosing a color desired, evaluate the uniformity of the screen glow.


Fig. 1. Icons buttons entering the service menu
Provided that the unit is to replace the CRT were not violated
adjust the main and
new picture tube is not very different from the old to the parameters,
adjustments, about what was
described above, is pretty quite for imaging
normal. In some cases,
due to differences in system parameters deflection setting
correct image geometry required.
Centering and vertical size Trimmer
regulated and VR3O1 VR3O2. For
adjust the horizontal dimension need to pick up capacity
capacitor C402 (7200 pF, 1600).
To increase the capacity increase of dimensions need to reduce -
lower. In outlining
episode had to reduce the capacity of C402 to 4700 pF. Centering on
horizontally adjusts menu service parameter PHS.
New picture tubes in the sale comes bundled with the system
yoke (OS) and device
magnetostatic (LSG) and represent a node, which
adjusted to the manufacturer.
All components of this complex inter-connected rigidly and
included in television,
not require adjustment information virtually rays and color purity.
However, due to failure of attachment of the deflection, the displacement
magnetostatic devices
or in the case of picture tubes used in the former, and
also a CDT
recovery of the past by mounting them on the latest
spotlights optoelectronic
(EOC) may require adjustment information rays and purity
To carry out this procedure need proper system installation

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