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deflection and adjustment
magnetostatic devices. To do this:
Х put on kinescope deflection system and tighten
pre-clamping screw;
Х put on kinescope device information and magnetostatic
put it, as in Fig. 2 shows;
Х Apply to the input device with a signal generator telesignals "field
White ";
Х make full demagnetization TV with a loop
external demagnetization;
Х controls the contrast and brightness set to maximum;
Х disconnect the blue and red light. Loosen the clamp screw,
retaining system deflection;
Х try to achieve alignment of the deflection along
the neck of the CRT bright spots on the screen;
Х install a green spot in the center of the screen;
Х pushing bipolar magnets color purity device
magnetostatic relatively
each other try to achieve optimum color purity by
possible over the whole area
screen, alternately shifting system deflection along the neck
tube and adjusting magnets
color purity (arrangement of magnets in the device
magnetostatic in Fig. 3 shows);
Х OS turning on the neck of the picture tube, access to
aside raster parallel
were framing the edges and secure fastening collar OS;
Х also in the anterior lobe OS tightly paste and glue rubber
klinyshkaa for four more
strict attachment OS.
Adjusting the static information produced as follows:
Х Apply the input signal device "field net";
Х decrease the contrast and brightness achieve probably
the smallest width of the vertical and horizontal lines;
Х Focus knob on TDKS beam focussing produce green;
Х Includes red and blue beam;
Х adjusting the pair of lugs 4-pole magnets and changing his angle between
them, connect the blue
and red vertical line in the center of the screen;
Х turning both ears simultaneously, keeping the angle between them,
connect the blue and red
horizontal line in the central portion of the screen;
Х adjusting the pair of lugs 6-pole magnets, achieve alignment
red and blue lines with
green line;
Х change in the angle affects the vertical line and the rotation of magnets
both - on the horizontal line.
Since the 4-pole magnets and 6-pole have mutual influence,

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