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OPTION not touch better. Exit the menu: 2 times Factory


Press the following sequence from the control buttons: 1.
STAND-BY -> then 2. P.STD ->
then 3. HELP -> then SLEEP -> then 4. POWER ON. Exiting
Service STATUS. Under the socket
remote hidden button is HIDDEN. Press this
You can go in and get out of servisnogomenyu.


Unable to enter the menu. On-screen message "HOTEL MODE ON"
To exit the hotel lock ("HOTEL MODE") is necessary in
standby mode (Standby)
on the remote, press the following keys in sequence: DISPLAY - MENU

  • POWER. Buttons to push

one should, not be pressed simultaneously two
buttons, pauses between keystrokes
neighbors should be minimal. In that case, if the mode HOTEL
MODE disable method
this is not possible, we recommend you contact one of the service
authorized centers of Samsung Electronics.
TV Samsung must approach one of the combinations:
Option 1: Hide button (HIDDEN) on the remote
Option 2: 1. Stand-by-> then 2. P.STD-> then 3. Help-> then
4. Sleep-> then 5. Power-On
Option 3: then 1. PICTURE OFF - then 2. Then SLEEP - then 3.
P.STD then -4. MUTE - then 5. PICTURE ON


TV Samsung CS-21V10MJ,

Video processor-LA76818A,
HOT - 2SD1879, EEPROM - 24C08, Tuner - VS8-1G5-BG -
pyativoltovy UPS - 2SC3886A
+ C2655 + A1015, HR - STV9302B, remote - 55K3 = 54P4 = 5Z26
= 55K2.
Getting in SERVICE - hidden button on the remote control, and it is permissible to
paging menu.
Information on change remotes: 5Z26 = 54P4 = 55K3 = 55K2 (native
remote printing).


TV Samsung CS-14Y53R,

KS1A chassis
microprocessor TDA9381PS/N2/3I0753
Entering the service menu: fast dial STBY-,
then DISPLAY-, then MENU-, then MUTE-and late POWERON


TV Samsung CS-21FSR.

Chassis. processor TDA9381PS/N2/310753. Version SPM-802EEN2.
Memory 24S08. Tuner TECC0949PL35A (S). Monaural.
Log into the service menu: go to STAND BYbystro press
DISPLAY, further MENU MUTE on and turn POWER ON. Without TXT.

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