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Russian est.Sekam there.


chassis KS1B,
Processor TDA9381PS-N2-3I0753 K1K152 CB1134 SPM-802EEN2.
Can be replaced without alterations on TDA9353PS-N2-3-0568 K2J468 CB4090
Entering the service menu: press consistently


The device video recorder (S17A) Chassis Samsung TX-14N3DF,

Russian menu + MULTISYSTEM. Processor: TDA 9361PS / N2 / 4/0717,
24C16, Manpower chip: LA 7840, ULF: TDA 7267A, TDKS: FTK
Tuner VCR: TEDE9-247B, Video amplifier: TDA 6107, Tuner
TV: TEDE9-802B,
Entering the service menu: go to the standby mode STAND-BY,
DISPLAY, further MENU, further MUTE, and the last POWER-ON.

* * *

TV Samsung SM14H4MJ.

The inscription on the chassis

  • LA76931-A, processor LA76936Y 7N-58T7. UOC - LA76936Y 7N-58T7,

quartz ZQ1 - 32.768 kHz, ZQ2 - 4,433619 MHz, EEPROM - 24C08A, KR

  • LA78040,

HOT - TT2190, ULF - TDA2003, Tuner (5 Volt) - VS1-1A5-BG, FBT -
On the Internet, UPS is described in detail (typical "Chinese"
as well as the circuitry and fault characteristic Raman, SR and UPS.
Full-time remote control - 55K9. Analogs remote:
5Z51 = 54B3 = 05D5A = HX55K8 = SYZ = 53W3 = 57L8 (Sharp) =
KLX-55K9T = (Panasonic) = 50JI LW-55L7 = 52E5.
Entering the service menu with the remote control staff - RC dorabotannym-
adding button direct access to the service menu:
1st Pressing - on TV FACTORY
2nd Pressing - on the TV B / W BALANCE
3rd squeezing - the TV service menu items (1-20
See below.)
4th squeezing - the TV BUS OPEN
5th squeezing - return to normal
Menu (and the user and the service menu) is very similar to the menu for
microprocessor LC863532C-55K9, previously described.
"Trap" service menu: In the ADJUST MENU 3 (third sub-s / m)
SETUP SELECT is set equal to "1" because a value of "0" -
only sections 0 ... 3, while "1" all the sections 00 - 20 are disclosed.

for the record
1 TV without EEPROM starts, SR and CR work, but there is no Images-

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