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the screen is black.
2 C EEPROM «pure» (FF) TV in 5-7 seconds starts, TV
fully functional in Auto search tuning of all available
programs going on (with the correct location of sub-bands), in
Unlike microprocessors series LC863hhh-xxxx is already included
Secam (is there). Exemplified reliably shown to
of the chassis.

* * *

TV Samsung 15 "Flat

- LA76936Y SUSOC
Personnel: LA78040N, FBT: BSC25-0146, Microprocessor:
(CKP1510S), Sound: TDA7253, Tuner: ETA-SF03 / 12, Control: KK-Y271A.
TV is completed
RC type 56S8, 55K9, 54D5.
Entering the service menu button hidden (RC modified)

* * *

TV SAMSUNG "14" China.

LA76936Y SUSOC 7N 59J3
9GA91, Tuner: DWE-8051LONGSIGN. Remote Staff: ZY-55K9R F. Gathering
net 24S08postavil. In the service menu all taxied.
Entering the service menu: remove the volume to "0" then press
"MENU" and code
6568. screen will appear the inscription: "FACTORY". Press "SLEEP",
You can choose
Two modes "B / W BALANCE" and "ADSUST MENU" in one mode
button "MUTE"
personnel can be turned off in the second page flipping.
Exit: push the button "RECALL".
To clear the memory, after tripping, the Russian language
was continuously
it is necessary to choose, when the service is enabled. Otherwise after trip
network, English
constantly pops up.

* * *


others on KS9B chassis.
Entering the service menu: In standby mode, press DISPLAY,
menu, then MUTE, then POWER ON.

* * *

TV SAMSUNG CS29Z47Z3Q, KSDA chassis.

Microprocessor-TDA12120H / N300 (SI6826.1 CK8094), HR-LA78045,
24.576 MHz quartz-UPS-STRW6750F, HOT-TT2206, Videousilitel-
TDA6107AJF / N1, VLF-TDA7297SA, block wells-TDQ-6L / 125S (AA40-10007A),
TDKS-FQH29A003 (AA26-00289A), Memory-24S16,
Entering the service menu: button Power OFF, then Info, then
Menu, then Mute, and finally Power On.

* * *

TV Samsung, chassis KS-3A 50Hz.

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