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Model CW-25C33N processor SDA5555 A035 (SIM-806HMA7), VDP3120D
model CW683CN processor SDA5555 A015, VDP3112B
Enter the service mode: buttons Stand-by, then Display, then
Menu, Mute, and then Power ON

SDA5555 title = "SDA5555">

* * *

TV Samsung. Z70 chassis.

Enter the service mode: with a conventional remote, and the set
jumper between terminal 17 (KEY3 Scheme) Control Processor
P87C054BBP unit and ground. In the presence of the jumper with the team
remote as service perceived.

* * *

TV Samsung CS29Z47ZQQ

Enter the service mode: Selected attendant button info, button menu,
button mute, and vklyucheniepower on.

* * *

TV Samsung CK-7271, CK-6271.

Z70 chassis. Written anywhere that the entrance into the service menu with the remote
Take a sample, disassemble, soldered diode between 5 and 21-pin
IC 21 foot cathode and enter the service mode.

* * *

TV and video recorder: Samsung TX-14N3DF (S17A) Chassis.

Microprocessor: TDA9361PS / N2 / 4/0717, memory EEPROM:
Enter the service mode: STAND-BY, then DISPLAY, then MENU,
then MUTE, and finally POWER-ON

* * *

TV SAMSUNG CK-14S8VR, Russian language menu.

Ingredients: S15A chassis, video processor TDA8842, ZILOG SZM-173ER3.
I have the TV SAMSUNG model CK-14S8VR S15A chassis
processor ZILOG3943 SZM-173ER3, video processor - TDA8842, memory 24C04.
Blown processor, after his shift and the EEPROM
net, television normally start, but English menu.
Put in the service menu BYTE0 = 59, BYTE1 = 58.
These values ??are changed, the menu choice Russian
first appeared. I downloaded the service description of the regime,
there are for Russian values ??BYTE0 = 49, BYTE1 = 58.
Values ??box working .. BYTE0 = 59 - indicates
that the alignment of the next bit by bit: 01011001, ie, in
Unlike the value 49, another five bits included D4.
Which is fundamental to the values ??of configuration options,

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