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It has no option .. "CH Up / down in the A / V Model
(RCA Jack) not functional "- lock the program selection mode AV, with tulips.

* * *


Ingredients: chassis S66A main AA41-01299A AA41-01311A F-box.
How to enter the service mode? INFO-MENU-MUTE-POWER not
acts. necessary correction of the raster.
Everything worked out. Turn on the unit power button DR, then
PP. 3 times the LED flashes. FAST in the DR to translate and
then INFO-MENU-MUTE-POWER, a little gape, no entrance.

* * *

Log into the service menu of the TV SAMSUNG CS6277PTR.

Ingredients: Chassis SCT51A, processor RM-132ER.
I can not enter the service mode ADJUSTMENT 2 (Geometry). Other
modes of service are available normally. There is on this model directory
but there was unclear.
Log in to the service by pressing PICTURE OFF, then SLEEP-P.STD, then MUTE
PICTURE ON --- and it turns out. I have all 5 modes can be moved
service mode, and adjust the values??. The point is that in the regime
ADJUSTMENT being (this adjustment subyarkosti, sound, color,
PIP) mode should I get ADJUSTMENT 2 (geometry a). Here
Currently it is impossible to me.
It worked out! The error is mine, I figured when ADJUSMENT
2 I will go, and then the label will be displayed with two (deuce). And that
designations have changed the type of PHS, PEW, and so on. g., paid no attention.

* * *


entrance to the service.
I went into the service menu, the buttons Power off, then sleep,
then p.std, then mute, and, finally, power on!
You just need to quickly gain key, both hands.

* * *

TV SAMSUNG CK-6202WTR chassis SCT-57A Log in to the service menu.

Scorched grin kinescope 110 degrees. for lack of
Oski've needed to replace the CRT. now
geometry must be adjusted. I try to go
with the remote AA59-10075K method: ST.B, then
P.STD, then HELP, then and finally SLEEP POWER ON.

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