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Enter with a varied pace, and do not leave anything.
Tried the second method: ST.B, then DISPLEY, then MENU,
MUTE and then finally POWER ON. The old success. What do I make wrong?
STAND-BY, then DISPLAY, then the P-STD, then MUTE and finally POWERON

* * *

L CD TV Samsung LE23R71BH, the menu is not displayed.

TV on all the signs in good condition at all. In response
Pressing any button on the output of the respective
event, accompanied by appropriate graphics on the screen .....
except the MENU button. And when it is
pressing the red LED winks
as well as from the other buttons. Well, this same button
participates in the entry operation in the service menu
(info, then menu, then mute and power), in the service
menu includes free TV. Thought possible, HOTEL vrublyus nevertheless, HOTEL-NO cost.
Try on the remote dial INFO, then MENU, then 0, then 1 and EXIT
Besides it is not the duty room of the need to recruit and work with the TV.
There is an additional menus like the service, at which point HOTEL too.
First - this is the service menu (info, then menu, then mute and power)
The second - that gave STR ??(info, then menu, then 0, then 1 and exit)

Samsung LE23R71BH

so from the main service menu, you can also go to the Hotel mode.
I thought so too. The main service is worth NO
in line HOTEL MODE. And in this second - standing YES.
It turns out it was some second HOTEL. At least
with the main service I played this way and that .... but to no avail,
but with others all came at once.

* * *

TV Samsung SP43T9, j59a chassis. Entering the service menu

In the menu came, although to play happened. option input

  • English menu set (I somehow

not included in the Russian layout), picture-standart,
Video-DVD. Turning off the stand, then the typical
operation INFO, then MENU, then MUTE and POWER, setting
in the service menu, no questions aroused.

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