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entrance into the service menu TV SAMSUNG CK-5370T chassis SCT11B

processor - SAA5290 / 059 (SPM-161RVC)
memory - AT24C04
PSU-SMR40200C + HIS0169C
Secam - TDA8395P
Video - M52309SP B
Audio Return Channel - TDA7056, TDA4445B
Manpower mikroskhema- TA8445
RGB Amp.- TDA6103Q
FBT - FSV-20A001
RC: - AA59-10076P

machine with teletext
Log into the service menu, power off, then info, then menu, then mute and finally poweron

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, Z68 chassis. I can not access the service menu.
Ingredients: microprocessor SIM131 C69518Y
Once in this chassis with universal Mak came.

MAK 2002 Code 1140 maxi button counter + * FACTORY * (green)
button LOCK * FACTORY * (yellow table)
EW 45 SL 49 PW49
HS 50 ET 44 VS11
EC 37 SC 18 LA 04
EP 35 VA 26 23 SS
then control with muzzle exit remembering the TV button

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TV Samsung CS-5039Z

input is required in the service menu.
Ingredients: SCT-11D (?) Chassis, processor SZM-139M3, video processor M52777. For some reason I can not get into the service menu a standard set of commands shown in the manual. Maybe someone will tell you what's wrong. Enclose a photo panel. What pressure?

Samsung CS-5039Z
The secret of all time in the button "PSTD", in his remote it below.
This button performs its functions?
Looking fumbled again, and there is the theme with this remote and shows how that push (second time already this topic I can not find). The very confused. Teams are drawn on the photo on the left. Just at first I was not enlightened that TV must be in standby mode to enable, and then quickly buttons to press.

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TV Samsung 21Z43ZGQ

(KSBA CHASSIS) - processor TDA12176PS. How to enter the service?
Microprocessor: TDA12176PS.
Power Module: STRW6750 (without alteration, a complete analog, in a different case: chip STRX6757)

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