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Ingredients: microprocessor CXA2165Q; TW9906; SMP6773 / "SLIM-FIT".
the Service menu sample: Display, then Menu, then Mute, and finally Power On (no buttons on the remote Factory)
Quite well adjusted linearity, geometry.

But when you connect "Test Pattern 1" menu appears DHC 1 field with pink squares and the end - the menu screen has evaporated, to get out of this mode with squares or go to the menu again, it is impossible (mode "Test Pattern 2" (red mesh) - Connect, disconnect properly).

Is it possible to somehow get out of this mode? If not - then on that suspicion?
Breakdown in the service menu, inquire diligently fad rezet, ie reset.
Now one site found the screens of the menu, the man laid out deliberately to navigate through the menu "blind" because it claims the service is simply not much of a test signal.
Issue has been resolved. These SCART outputs provide a video simply - no OSD menu.

One thing that remains - the movement for the "blind" by the photos menu (thank you very much to those who fotkal), the menu is really connected, it just is not noticeable under the table settings. This trap, if the pictures do not have any proper placement of menu items - came.

When movement is necessary to remember that the up-down move through the menu, and the button "right" - connects submenu connects adjustment mode menu item on which the cursor is located, even if the menu two "pillars" - the movement of a button-up-series down.

* * *

TV Samsung CW-28D83N entry into service.

Samsung sw28d83n, built on the chassis of ks3a, made ??in Europe, such a problem: after changing TDKS decreased clearance vertically and horizontally. Voltage okay. Processor sda5555a035. Enter the service menu display, menu, mute, and a button pover. There is such a menu
video adjuit1
g2 adjust
help: off
How can I adjust the size?
Come menu deflection geometry adjustment are there. TDKS something like, "Chinese", to control high it would not hurt ...
He looked into the adjustment multiplied the value of almost horizontally and vertically, and all got out in its place. A TDKS HR8379, the original we have not spotted.

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