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TV Samsung CS-21M21ZQQ, where in the service menu AFT twist.

Chassis S16B. In English, not very, not'll track something in the service menu, under which the nickname sticks reguligovka AFT, remove toffee in "SECAM".
Enter the first option, and try to change the CS-CZ.
CZ set, all is well.

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TV SAMSUNG, chassis SCT11B

. Russian menu disappeared after changing memory.
After the change 24S04PC Russian menu disappears. In the service menu option found. In the options of all zeros. How to renew the Russian language.
Log in to the service menu in the options try:
the first option --- 1C
the second option --- 42

LCD TV Samsung LE20S52

, the entrance to the service required.
Apparatus LCD Samsung LE20S52, needs the Service menu, the problem of video input.
Possible: from ST.-BY, press INFO, then MENU, then MUTE and POWER ON again to start in one second, this was bad luck!
How to enter the service of TV

Samsung cs29z30zqq.

Such defect - picture trapezoid, after put it on the bed kinescope. Microprocessor T-Timpas - 1702 06 / 6H / 29 KS7C.
Information from Telebalt.
Chassis KS7A, microprocessor VCT49X3FPYF1000.
Entry into service mode TV.
Connect the TV power button. After connecting the TV is switched from the duty room (DR) to the operating mode (PP), at what the LED flashes three times.
Then on the remote to press the keys in sequence POWER OFF (throwing of DR), then INFO, then MUTE and then POWER ON (throwing of the RR). Period input combinations not greater than about five seconds.

TV Samsung CW29M66V

. Option in the service menu.
Chassis K55A. Tell the recommended option in the service menu. After you install the new memory needed correction in color.


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brought from Germany,
TX807CS chassis
processor TDA9554PS / N1 / 1/0301 K0J009 CA1737 IVV 2.20,

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