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audio processor MSP3415D B3, memory 24W04.
Entering the service menu: switch off mode, turn off the network.
on the remote
TXT to press and hold the network to include. If the native remote
No, the MAC codes 1272, 1320.

* * *

Unit SANCAI SC-2588A,

TOSHIBA-HAY-26 TMPA8891CSCNG6V12, ZQ - 8MHz, Tuner-
LONGSIGN DWC-8053V, EEPROM - 24C08, HOT -C5302, TDKS -
BSC27-0213A, ULF - 2xUTC2003, IC KR - LA78041, UPS chassis
3Y01 similar ("Chinese" trehtranzistorny), C5302
BCK-4901A (BCK-150-01)
Entering the service menu: Hide button FACTORE (under
button PP), as well as written in the service -manuale.

processor 8821CPNG5UU5,
EEPROM 24C16A, personnel chip STV9302A, Dn is a discrete on
S5586, ULF TDA7496SA, tuner UVC68K9VCK 0504-6155 A-T9XX0330B
1 leg of AGC, 2 leg voltage VT. from 0 to 30v, control
switching ranges of 4 and 5 feet. 4v 4 nozhkea. and 0v
5 leg = VNF L, 0v 4 leg and leg 4v 5 = VNF H,
On 4 and 5 feet in 4v = UNF, 6 foot 9v, 7,8,9,10 legs -
absent leg 11 - IF.

Entering the service menu: 1) Volume set to min.
2) On the volume (-) button on the remote and press the display.

* * *


D / K is not. SECAM is. TV with DVD.
Microprocessor TDA9351PS / N3 / 2/1643 CF3220 P2088 TL / P101
On the universal remote MAC1261 press contr.-, set the option
OP3 00000111.

* * *

Sanyo CE 14SA4R

(Kaliningrad build 2005):
processor - LC863448S-55S6,
The video processor - LA76818A + LA7642N; KR - LA78040; ULF - LA4266;
MUSIC - TT2138;
RC - JXMYA (IC in remote control - M055155 (5031A) - 20-Nogai planar
chip) or
one of those mentioned above are not compatible.
Entry into service: holding the MENU (on the remote) to press VOL +
on the TV.
Scrolling options buttons on the remote control TIMER and MUTE,
change settings
- VOL- and VOL +. Service options from 00 to 93rd without manual
clear, and then
once the transition is on option 300, and so on - but in which "?".

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