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The unit came with the diagnosis - video input does not work. Remedy -
to enter service
and the option "87" (87 AV123) value to switch from "0" to "1",
and then to
exit the service menu to press «MENU» on the remote control and turn off the TV
power button.
After connecting the - force option to enter.

* * *


Kaliningrad issue.
Chassis: FC-3B (FC3B - in the corner of the board
inscription outer side). The board with the inscription sticker: C5GS -
expectation. Service, for a very lazy to lean
MENU on the remote control at the same time and on the panel VOL +.

* * *

* * *

TV Sanyo CE28SW01

VECO chassis U99.190-07.
Processor OM8363H / n3 / 4 VATXMO CC6616.
There DK and SECAM, when turned on.
Login to the service menu: enter the menu and consistently push code
9301.Vyhod: button zero.

* * *

TV SANYO: CE28 / 32WN3, EB5-W shasssi processor:

Log into the service menu:
1) push button VOL- panel keypad and local, it pressed
hold, push the green button on the teletext.
Confirmation of entry is shown appear on the screen
the main service menu with a list of sections of adjusting:
GEOM 4: 3
GEOM 16: 9
VIF etc.

Initialization of EEPROM non-volatile memory:
To initialize the non-volatile memory is the inclusion of her
all data necessary for proper operation of the unit. it must be
carried out in the case of a new memory chip.

To commit the following steps to perform the initialization:

  • Enter the service mode.
  • Submenu MORE cause.

C using the buttons P +/- position INI NVM choose.

  • Podtverdit Election button VOL +.
  • The service mode and exit from the network switch off your TV.
  • Connect and TV station program.

Adjust the service:

  • Button P + and P- used to navigate through the menu and prices.

C Press the VOL + implemented entrance to the submenu
prefered section.
• Changes the parameter values ??of the buttons VOL +/-.

  • Button Implemented MENU return to the previous menu (if

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