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If the cabinet or the cabinet become magnetized, poor color purity will result. If this happens, use of external degaussing coil.
Slowly move the degaussing coil front panel picture tube and the sides and front of the receiver. Slowly remove the coil at a distance of about 6 feet before removing power.
4-4-3 High Voltage Check
NOTE: There is no high voltage adjustment on this chassis. B + power supply should be set at 125 volts (Full color bar input and normal picture).
1. Connect a digital voltmeter to the second anode tube.
2. Turn on the TV. Set the brightness and contrast to minimum (zero beam current).
3. The high voltage must not exceed 27.5KV.
4. Adjust the brightness and contrast in both extremes. Ensure that the high voltage does not exceed 27.5KV anywhere.
4-4-4 focus
1. Input a black and white signal.
2. Adjust the control settings for clear picture.
3. Adjust the focus control, with clearly defined lines
sweep on the screen.
4-4-5 Setting Screen
1. Refer to the ACTIVE channel.
2. Adjust VR screen for a normal picture (not blooming or flyback line).
3. Adjust the focus control for well defined scanning lines on the screen.
4-4-6 Setting the purity
1. Warm up for at least 20 minutes.
2. Connect the CRT deflection yoke and tighten the clamping screw.
3. Plug the convergence yoke into the CRT and install, as shown in Fig. 4-1.
4. Input a black and white signal.
5. Fully demagnetize get when an external degaussing coil.
6. Turn the brightness and contrast to maximum.
7. Loosen the clamp screw holding the yoke. Slide the yoke forward or back to provide vertical green belt. (Figure 4-2).
8. Tighten the convergence yoke.
9. Slowly move the deflection yoke forward and adjust for the best overall green screen.
10. Temporarily tighten the deflection yoke.
11. Produce blue and red rasters by adjusting the low-light control.
Check for good purity in each area.
12. Tighten the yoke.
4-4-7 white balance settings
1. Input or Lion's Head or "white" picture.
2. Warm up the TV for 30 minutes.

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