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Being in the main service menu, pressing on the button
MENU exits the service mode).
C Use the numeric buttons 0 ... 9 done writing
immediate value of the selected parameter.

Selection of the main service menu GEOM 4: 3 position allows
carry out the necessary adjustment of image geometry format
4: 3 screen position GEOM 16: 9 - 16: 9 screen, GEOM NATW
- For a widescreen TV (Natural Wide format). list
parameters as well as their sizes for different image formats,
depicted in Table 1.

VIF submenu:
Allows you to adjust spending, with TV RF and IF related.
PLL demodulator signal - PLL ...... 80.
PLL demodulator signal for the standard L'- PLL'L ...... 80.
ARU- AGC ...... 16: Post the input device in the middle range
UHF band signal level of 60 dB / uV. In the service parameter
AGC choose. Adjusted so as to achieve the voltmeter
3.3 +/- 0,2V.
The time constant of the PLL circuit - FFI ...... OFF: set to ON

Allows you to adjust the voltage of the accelerating spending of the kinescope.
The brightness level when you install the second grid voltage kinescope -
BRI ...... 0: During the installation of this second grid voltage
parameter should always be set to 0.
ADJ - Installation service line: potentiometer accelerating
adjusted until the occurrence of the service lines on the screen.
On / off function AKB - AKB ...... ON: ON is liboOFF.
Level control RGB - K-DRV ...... 4 (CRT 32 '), 3
(CRT 28 ") to keep the initial values??.

MORE submenu:
Allows you to adjust the video channel to conduct.
The delay of the luminance signal in the PAL system - Y / C PAL ...... 3.
The delay of the luminance signal in the SECAM system - Y / C SECAM ...... 0.
The delay of the luminance signal in the NTSC system, - Y / C NTSC ...... 3.
The delay of the luminance signal inputs AV - Y / C AV ...... 10.
Speed ??reduction kontrastnosti- PBL SPEED ...... 0: initial
value to store.
Contrast notation OSD - CONTR OSD ...... 0.
Image Contrast Teletext - CONTR TXT ...... 0.
Muting is SEMI MUTE ...... 15-: the initial value

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