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Do not install - AUTOW THP.
Initialize NVM memory - INI NVM (see section
'Memory initialization constant').

CONFIG submenu:
Configuration options allows the TV set.
On / off comb filter - CMB ...... OFF: to ON or
Teletext character set for Eastern Europe - TXEAST
...... OFF.
Mode discharge voltage high kinescope - OSO ...... OFF.
Commodity znaki- OEM: OFF (for SANYO), ON for other firms.
Models for the British market - URMKT ...... ON. for

S-STAT, V-STAT, I2C BUS submenu:
Allows you to read status and I2C BUS position makes valid
blocking I2C bus.
mode of production FACTORY MODE:
Mode of production to the consumer is not intended. its purpose
is the introduction of the TV mode, simplifies
production. He appears on the screen in the form of FAC
In contrast to the normal operation mode of production
characterized by the following features:

  • Standby mode is absent (STANDBY).
  • As Event of loss of signal blue background is not displayed.
  • Adjust User (brightness, sound, contrast, etc)

fourfold faster acting.

! If the device is found with the production activated
mode, it is necessary to leave it through the connection, and then
off the menu with the settings associated hours.

used if necessary to limit the possible installation of the TV (in
hospital, hotel).
Both modes are characterized by the following features:
is the greatest level of sound level limited set
the introduction of pre-machine to this mode.

  • Lack Probability programming.
  • TV Always starts with values ??normalized to

can not be changed.

  • Disable Function (Child Lock) blocking programs from children and

also feature the election of language version.

  • Perhaps Connection forced the TV in AV mode to one

programs from 1 ... 8.

To connect the TV to HOTEL RENTAL mode and perform the following:

  • nadavit and hold the button on the keyboard panel VOL-


  • Priderzhivaya VOL- button press on the RECALL button on the remote control.

Confirmation enter the hotel HOTEL will be a message
on the screen: HOTEL: 00

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