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  • The first digit (0) characterizes the TV mode (0 -

normal mode, 1 - HOTEL mode, 2 - RENTAL mode);

  • A figure second characterizes the program on any TV

was installed after it is connected (0 - the elected
before turning off the TV, 1 ... 8 - channel number, 9 -
connection mode AV).

! Mode 1 is from HOTEL RENTAL differs only in that the buttons
VOL + / VOL- - active.
2 To exit HOTEL RENTAL mode or level of need
color saturation set to zero.

Self-test mode:
In this mode, probably display of individual faults.
The microcontroller continuously monitors some
chips. When the defect is introduced into the protection circuit
Exposure of the fault is determined by the number of flashes
LED (error number), see Table. 2.

Get out of the service: push button MENU, when the TV is in
service mode is displayed at the main service
menu or any button on the remote control (which does not apply to
service mode service) if the sub-menu is activated.


* * *

The device Sanyo CE27LC6-B UK4A shassis.

TDA15633E / N1B00, remote JXPTA.
Enter the service mode: On the device, press on the remote control:
green button on the TV and p-. The sound in the 248 line is
set to 0 bits.

* * *


Ingredients: chassis EB8A, processor TDA12020H / 1B00. SE-28DN5C
Has two service menu:
1 holding (F / OK) button on the remote, push (P-) on the unit.
2 holding the green button on the remote, push (P-)
on the unit. In the second service can not enter, without closing the first.
model but not the way came, adjusted size.

* * *

TV SANYO CE28CHN5F, chassis HB3B - Login
service menu.

Ingredients: 24C64, STV3500, TDA 9330H, STV2310D \ 42M, TDA9886TSV4P, STV 8206,
Replaced L40B16300 split to split from SHARP GA200, ideally
approached, it is necessary to tighten the geometry.
SANYO HB3B chassis - the entrance to the service menu: entering into a universal

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