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remote MAC code 2000 1167, pushing the green button on the remote,
push P- on TV, in the options geometry - IMAGE.

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AC7A, service menu
Ingredients: CPU OXXAVC896 --- M; 24C162 memory.
Enter the service menu: holding the button on the TV MENU, push button 1.
Browse: TIMER button and mute
Remembers: disconnect the TV.

* * *

Service menu TV SAPPHIRE 54TTS7312.

Ingredients: CPU TDA9381PSN2 / 1I1522 POLAR 4.1.
In the service menu could not enter because of the processor! With the replacement of the processor are all well - click statys, then menu, then mute, and, finally, timer.

* * *

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Log into the service menu


, chassis ES7V.
How to enter the service menu of TV SANYO CE17A3 ES7V chassis. Ingredients: CPU ST92185B2, memory 24C08, video processor TDA8841N2, TDA1904, sound LA7840.
Press (Vol--) on the TV, and then (- / -) on the remote control.

* * *

TV SANYO, chassis FS3-A, model CE29KF8R

, Kaliningrad assembly.
Log into the service menu: holding «MENU» (on the remote) to press «VOL +» on the TV.

TV Sanyo CF -29SD4E

, how to get into the service menu?
Push and hold the MENU button on the remote control and press VOLUME (+) button on the remote machine.

TV Sanyo CM29KX81A (chassis AC5-G2)

, the service menu?
video processor LA76818A.
Press Menu on the remote control and at the same time Volume + on the TV.


, the options in the service.
Chassis AC5-G2 processor planarka LC863448C, video processor LA76818A.
TV has come up with a washed-tuner marked SANYO 1AV4F1BEB0320, put him KSH 142 and AA40-10003K / TELE1-002.
They behaved identically - by auto-tuning sweeps through all programs, but does not remember, can only tune in manual mode, and only fine tuning. After that, the program can remember, and then everything is fine.
Question to those who have faced such a model: are there when the options corresponding tuner?

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