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Sanyo CM21G8, structure - video processor LA76818A, LC863448. After the change of memory chips when adjusting sound volume limit under any provisions of the scale, in addition to 0 - After changing the memory needs of its initialization
1.Install a new memory chip. 2 Turn on the TV. 3.nadavite and hold the TV / AV button selector on the TV for more than two seconds. The screen below will appear in a subsequent "CLR" 4. Push PROGRAM UP on the TV, and above the display ON_SCREEN is still on the screen. The following figure on the screen there "1". This finishes the initialization of the memory chip.

Sanyo LS-14AT, sweeps through the channels when searching. I had to replace a processor LC863324A, video processor LA76810A, memory 24c08, contour 38.0. Firmware flooded. What is the problem, who may come across this?
You can manually adjust the channel is held, does not go away. - Resistance to the conclusion LC863324A 33 increased from 22 to 100 com com, after the change of all functions.

Sanyo CE14SA4? Difficulties with the sound! LA4266, video processor LA76818A. Sound or extremely loud, or not, when the scale is at the very least (0). At any volume greater than 0 TV bawling at full volume.
But if you enter the service menu in the option 51: Volume, set to 127 if this value is reduced, the sound goes down, but when you exit the service menu, any other value is not saved and the TV again yelling at full volume. 24C08 memory fresh set - did not help.

In the service manuals have the option to initialize the fresh memory of what I did, because was not aware of. It is a pity, memory initialization nothing helped. The problem remains. Issue resolved! It was necessary to change the line in the 82 (S-STE) 1 to 0 (stereo-mono).
I immediately changed the very meaning of a line of 51, ??there was a half. Strangely only that service manuals do not line 82 and 83 Microprocessor - LC863440V.
Everything was much simpler, and much worse! Covered himself processor LC863448C 10 conclusion - AFT S-CURVE -25 Om on the ground!

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