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It is unlikely that I'll track it.

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TV Sanyo

, EB6D chassis setup question Secam.

Apparatus "Sanyo", EB6D chassis. video processor TB1251CN. Microprocessor control ST92T195D7B1 .When entrance into the service menu, the sound standard is modified without question and secam, is there a standard on the menu, does not want to put. Examination of the binding of the processor concept nothing helped.
In the service processor adjustments TB1251CN changed the value of the tenth line from C0 to B2, so connecting to Multi-mode.

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the Service menu.

Chassis 11AK36. Microprocessor - ST92195S3V1 / OEO. Internet has completely shoveled, no option is not necessary. Remote native did not have, I try to Macau.
Variation experienced with the code 1124, then menu, then av, then anal, code 1041 - click contr minus, and others, all to no avail!
Succeeded! Code 1051, and became the MENU button button H / V in the row at the bottom of Macau. Well, then ..4725.

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TV SATURN ST21NF1D, ST 21NF2, ST1422, ST2199.

Chassis 3S10 - alternately on the remote push button: MENU, then
AV, then ANAL. Flipping page button - "OK" Exit
service - button
Chassis 3Y01 - click alternately: Menu, then Menu,
then Qviwe, and last Mute. Turning the pages button: Timer.
Exit: Menu.

* * *

TV SATURN ST 1418, ST 2539, ST 1401, ST 2101, ST
2139, ST 25NF1, ST 2939.

Entering the service menu: The volume on the TV
remove to "0" and press on the remote control button Display.

* * *

TV SATURN ST 2939 (5N11shassi).

the service menu: Turn off TV, press on the control panel
volume VOL + and VOL- and connect TV.

* * *


for this model
special needs service panel.

* * *

TV SATURN ST 29F1 (5N10 chassis).

Entering the service menu:
Menu 1. disconnect the TV, on the control panel to press VOL + and

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