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VOL- TV and connect.
Menu 2. disconnect the TV, on the control panel to press PRG + and
PRG- and connected TV.

* * *

TV SATURN ST 29SF1 (5P60 chassis).

in turn the button on the remote control: CLOCK, then PM and then
Exit the menu: button view the channel number.

* * *

TV SATURN ST 1401 ST 1402 (M28 chassis).

Entering the service menu: The volume on the TV
remove to "0" and press on the remote control button Display.
Output of the service: "OK Factory OFF.

* * *

TV SATURN Chassis M113.

Login: Volume
for the unit to move to the "0" + on the remote control button Display.
Exit from the service menu: "OK Factory OFF.

* * *


TDA9381PS / N3 / 2/1973.
Enter the service mode: on the remote control to press MENU, and then dial 8500.
In the left
upper right corner of the red M seem to choose sub-figures from
0 to 9 and then to press MENU. Exit: Press Standby twice.

* * *

TV SATURN ST21F2, needs the Service menu.

Ingredients: CPU TDA9381PS / N3 / 2/1973, Frame Scan STV9302, wells TDQ3C5V-B / G.
Appeared with the absence of AV. Insert a blank memory - show mode AV, but disappeared UHF range. Tried to enter the service menu Saturn from the exchanger, even for TDA93XX.
Input turns the MENU dial code 8500.

* * *


- "curve" geometry.
Appeared in the repair of the machine with a washed-24S16 memory, memory changed, firmware flooded! necessary to correct the geometry, and how to be in service mode - I do not know!
TV SATURN ST29F2. Chassis = TU25C62-1M (some Chinese).
Processor TDA12063H / N1F00 \ SE3573.1-S2 \ CG2874.
submodule with TDA12063 = F2978HUE (0)
Memory 24C16. Power supply STR-W6756.
Kinescope SAMSUNG-A68QFZ893X001. Sound TDA8974J. Manpower TDA4863AJ. HOT J6810D.
TDKS BSC29-0101F. Tuner SHALPS-TEDE9-2A0A / ROH \ 6908CT4H.
1.nadavit MENU, then code 1147.
2 election parameter adjustment buttons Pr + and Pr-

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