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3 modification of the selected values ??by pressing Vol + iVol-
4 Exit - save the modification button PWR (ON / OFF)
5 Warning! Before completing the adjustment and abandonment changes NOT press the numeric keys "5" and "6"!
Since "5" - entirely blocks the TV controls (not eliminates ON \ OFF and "network" TV), then a flashing memory, and "6" - a BUS OFF, after turning off the TV power button all the adjustments again from the beginning!

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LCD TV SEG portofino.

Ingredients: Pixelworks PW1306-20Q, processor TDA11136TDA15021H / N1A00, a piece of paper on the board: 25780485 VESEG.
And how about the service on the SEGu (chassis painted MV18-2 194733, but I have problem in the big snow on all programs tuner UV1316A. Would be nice to see its options.
Sign MENU button and dial 4725.

* * *

TV Schaub Lorenz SL0020KO

Entrance into the service menu, similar to the remote
Ingredients: CPU OEC0108A, Memory 24C08, video processor STV2246, TDA8174A, D2499, power supply STRG6653, TUWRF4EG-775F2 - tuner, TDKS -Samsung FQI20B004 (3219015 T10928).
Brought this video recorder without the remote. Tell us who know how to get into the service menu, so SECAM and reconfigure the sound? There is a remote MAK2000 but none auto search code is not necessary.
the Service menu: simultaneously on the front panel push button on the vol- and six - are options.
In 113 OPTIONS FOR SECAM is to make the value of 07
In OPTIONS FOR STANDARD 0V9 DK make the value 00
To enable all bands OPTIONS 0VE make the value 01
For CPU OEC0107A = OEC0108A = OEC0134A

in the Mac died emitting LED, and even the P + is not functioning. Repaired. Code of 1200 and other codes in the list Orionovskih not suitable ...
Approached code 2127, which is not listed to any unit. Using the above method went into the service menu by holding Vol- on the panel and the 6 button on the remote control for at least five seconds. There was an inscription:
INIT 0B4 00
Power on 06FE
Play / Rec 0154

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