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Press Play (LNB) on the remote to change the option INIT close, pressing OK moves to the right, to change the desired option, then press LNB change numbers for the chosen option, then OK - return to the options. Set as described above:
113 07
0B9 00
0BE 01
Exit the service menu button Stby on the unit.
SECAM and the sound went. Next rigged program by entering the menu by pressing the Tuner (brightness +).

* * *

TV SCHNEIDER, DUAL: STV 6156, TV 1170, DTV-2shassi,
Processor: CCU 2070.

Digital devices based on DTV-2shassi, SCHNEIDER firm.
Log into the service menu:
1) on the remote control, simultaneously press the C button and the service,
placed in the bottom row of the remote.
2) Release the button service.
3) push button arbitrary numbering.
Confirmation of entry into the service mode the message will be:

Service adjustment:
by-election low tone settings button.

  • Adjust Parameter values ??buttons VOL +/-.
  • Zapominanie Button T (IDEAL).

If the designation of regulated functions, must be small after
letters, this means that the adjustment accurately implemented.
The appearance of the second place a capital letter indicates that the rough

  • sinhronno squashing TELETEXT button and press the service, you can

the horizontal position of the text on the screen to adjust the menu
TXT SERVICE MODE. Before entering this mode in the TV must
TV position is.
Adjusting the position of the text buttons VOL +, VOL- implemented,
and memorisation of the text with the designated button T.

1 Freq - SP: Adjust to no wrapping
2 Center Horizontal - BP.
3 Center for the vertical - AO.
4 Vertical Size - HO, Ho.
5 Linearity - SO, So, SI, Si: adjusted relative
middle of the raster.
Size 6 to gorizontali- YO.
7 Correction of image geometry - ZO, Zo, PO, Po: Switch
ZO option twice, set with the geometry of the PO. If
pincushion distortion correction is extremely large, ZO
3 and over again PO adjusted. If the distortion correction
small, the adjustment should be reduced and ZO PO restore.

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