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8 pincushion distortion correction - ZI, Zi, PI, Pi.
9 Frequency of color in PAL - SA: put for PAL in the middle
limit frequency color. Adjust until the stop
movement of bands of color.
10. G2 - Contrast and Brightness: Set the contrast and
best between the maximum and minimum position, G2
11 Static White Balance - CR, CG, CB: Before adjusting
right G2 set (all shades of brightness). Components R, G, B
so set to gray glow patches
get dark.
12 Dynamic White Balance - DR, DG, DB: Adjust only
dominant, received the white glow of light fragments of the picture.

Get out of the service: press on the remote control TV.

* * *


chassis FCP
2001. TDA 9364PS / N1 / 3S0509 TWIST 25, sound-multi, secam-no.
Entering the service menu: simultaneously press the M panel
TV and incl. on the remote control.
Remote control - comes up from Philips.

* * *


PC220 chassis. (100Hz)
Technology entering the service mode in the absence of
remote control: it is necessary to register in the EEPROM at 03S3 number
odd (01, FF)

* * *

Service menu TV Seleco, chassis PC170.

Ingredients: CPU ST6387B8I / BOJ video processor TDA8361.
The service menu is necessary for the machine Seleco model: ISV70S33S or A28SS548, chassis PC170
Use the code 1057 remote IAC we press the button 5, TV
"SERVICE OFF" appears on the front panel of the TV at the same time
press the P and P +, there is "SERVICE ON", squashing button
red on the MAC, the standard DK turn.
In the user menu, activate the corresponding row. In TV
not solder anything, do not put the converter.

* * *


. Log in to the service.
Microprocessor SDA5450 C17. In the menu to enter the service menu is requested three-digit code.
Press MENU, then SERVICE, then OK, and finally 089.

* * *

TV Seleco s14e222

, hotel mode.
st6356b1 / kr tda3301b, the sound level is adjusted to only half a trim does not fit. With poppy (Code 1163 button mode) is obtained in the raster labels on / off, mode hotel is not deleted.

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