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4. Alignment and corrections
4-1 Adjustments
Usually, a color TV needs only slight touch-up adjustment upon installation. Check the basic characteristics such as the vertical size, horizontal size, and attention. Photo note and check for good black and white details. There should be no unwanted shadows color if color shading is currently demagnetize the receiver. If the color of the shadow persists, re-do the purity and convergence adjustments.
1. Is '4. Alignment and adjustment "refers to applications KS4A chassis.
2. AC power supply: 100 ~ 230
3. This service manual has been written on the basis of domestic remote control model making KS4A chassis. Depending on the sales and specifications, some specifications may be changed.
KS4A contains dynamic focus circuit. When CRT PCB, FBT or CRT replaced, verify that the settings in the following sequence:
4-1-1 General Instruction Alignment
4-1-2 Adjusting the Focus
Dynamic focus adjustment
1. Input crosshatch pattern.
2. Select "Standard" from the menu
3. Enable Static Focus VR clockwise to install it on its maximum.
4. Enable dynamic center VR counterclockwise to set it to the maximum.
5. Enable Static Focus VR counterclockwise slowly clear the center vertical line.
6. Enable dynamic center VR clockwise slowly clear of the third line.
7. Check in the center of the screen. If necessary,
re-make adjustments 3 ~ 6.
4-1-3 screen voltage regulation
1. Using DC a few meters to determine RK, GK, BK. And then adjust the screen FBT VR so that the high voltage becomes 175 Vp-p.
4-1-4 white balance settings
1. Select "Standard" from the menu.
2. Input 100% white pattern.
3. In standby mode, press the remote control keys in the following sequence:
Display menu, mute, power on the TV.
4. Workout TV by at least 30 minutes.
5. Staircase signal input.
6. Use the Volume + / - buttons on the remote control to select R Drive, G Drive, B Drive, under Cont.

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