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7. Adjust the low light conditions when viewing the dark side of the screen.
8. Use the Volume + / - buttons on the remote control to select Rcutoff, Gcutoff, Bcutoff, Sat RRT.
9. Setting high light while watching the bright side of the screen.
10. If this is not correct, adjust the white balance.
11. Press the memory button to exit.
4-1-5 south of brightness
1. In standby mode, press the remote control keys in the following sequence:
Display menu Mute Power on the TV.
2. Use the channel up / down buttons to get a bright signal south of perestroika.
3. Use the Volume + / -, to select the SBT.
4. Press Menu, Mute button on the remote control to adjust so that the seventh step to the right of the screen is not visible.
5. Press the memory button to exit.


2. Alignment and corrections
2-1 General Instruction Alignment
1. Usually, color TV-VCR needs only slight touch-up adjustment upon installation. Checking the basic characteristics such as height, horizontal and vertical sync and focus.
2. Note good image for black and white details. There should be objectionable color shading, if the color of shadows is, demagnetize, perform purity and convergence adjustments described below.
3. Uses the specified test equipment or its equivalent.
4. The correct impedance is important.
5. Avoid overloading. Excessive signal from a sweep generator might overload the front-end TV. When you set the alarm markers, do not allow the marker generator to distort test results.
6. Connect the TV only to an AC power source voltage and frequency as specified on the backcover nameplate.
7. Do not attempt to connect or disconnect any cables or TV is turned on.
Make sure that the power cord is disconnected before replacing any parts.
8. To protect against electric shock, using an isolation transformer.
2-2 automatic degaussing Degaussing coils installed near the CRT, so that external degaussing after moving the TV should be unnecessary. But the receiver must be properly degaussed for installation.

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