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Degaussing coil lasts for 1 second after the power is turned on. If set moved or turned in a different direction, the power must be turned off for at least 10 minutes.
If the body or parts of the cabinet become magnetized, poor color purity will result. If this happens, use of external degaussing coil.
Slowly move the degaussing coil Faceplate picture tube and the sides and front of the receiver. Slowly remove the coil at a distance of about 6 feet before turning power.
If the color of the shadow persists, follow these color purity and convergence adjustments.
2-3 High Voltage Check
NOTE: There is no high voltage adjustment on this chassis. B + power supply must be 135 volts (with full color bar input and normal picture level).
1. Connect a digital voltmeter to the second anode tube.
2. Turn on the TV. Set brightness and contrast to minimum (zero beam current).
3. Adjust the brightness and contrast in both extremes.
Make sure the high voltage does not exceed 30 kV under any circumstances.
2-6 white balance settings
1. Warm TV at least 30 minutes.
2. Enter Service Mode by pressing the remote control buttons in the following sequence:
Information Menu shutdown __ __ Mute Power
3. Initialize all data.
4. Enter the model of Toshiba.
5. Using probe (CA100), white balance correction to make.
(1) Adjust the low light conditions.

  • Adjust the brightness set Y.
  • Adjust B Cutoff to the set Y.
  • Adjust R Cutoff on X.

(2) Adjust the high light.

  • Adjust the south unlike many Y.
  • Adjust B trip to the set Y.
  • Adjust R Drive to set X.

(3) Check low light conditions. In the case of
necessary, adjusting the low light.
(4) Check the High Light. If necessary, adjust the high light.



Block wells - TAEL-G253D I2C-AT24C08A, processor - TDA9381 PS/N1/3S0283 (SPM-802ERN3)
Entering the service mode: STBY-DISPLAY-MENU-MUTE-PWRON
Appears on the screen:


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