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service mode operation and tuning TV chassis KS1A SAMSUNG 2039

After some time the machine settings are changed.
Defined dilapidated parts, damage the emission properties of the CRT, external factors, in particular the influence of electromagnetic fields. Because there is often the need of those or other settings of this unit, even if he's okay. By the same settings include: restoration of white balance, alignment of horizontal and vertical adjustment range setting brightness adjustment geometrical dimensions of the raster image focus adjustment, adjustment of color purity, exhibiting threshold AGC, etc. Before you make adjustments should demagnetize the picture tube .
Any of the settings has its own peculiarities. To analyze the process of their implementation from start to finish for devices SAMSUNG 2039.
Should take into account that outlines the appropriate settings and to other models SAMSUNG, implemented on the ruler KS1A, with 20 - 14 - and 21-inch CRT.
Configuration Progress we go with entering the service mode (Service Mode), which at times called (Factory Mode) mode default setting.
Its entrance is inevitable even if the substitution of the integrated circuit memory device and IC902 CRT.
Log into the service menu is done with (RC) remote control. For this it is necessary to make appropriate operations (by pushing the respective buttons and menu selection)
1. DISPLAY> FACTORY.I go further:
Version for standard control panel 2. STAND-BY> DISPLAY> MENU >> MUTE> POWER ON
When this occurs on a raster notice "SERVICE (FACTORY)".
The service menu has areas:
OPTION (Options), ADJUST (Settings), RESET (Reset).
Exit setup mode by pressing buttons provide volume VOLUME menu choice accordingly.
And the screen is a list of settings, selecting what is performed by the software switch buttons. After selecting the desired setting can be changed in a smaller or larger side volume buttons. To exit the service menu, you need to press the button a second time "FACTORY" or "POWER OFF".

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