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Rubin (Rubin) 51M06

Service mode range S06

While holding the book. AV power on the TV and hold it for five seconds, or close to 250-500 ms contacts 6 and 7 service connector. Selecting options buttons P + or P-, changing the value of the VOL + or VOL-. Adding to the memory buttons TV.

Installation / removal of the regime "hotel"

1.Voyti in the Options menu (the menu button or blue button remote)
2.Install a transparent background with a remote control menu (see Owner's Manual)
3.Set the cursor to the program number
4.Nazhat and hold on the remote Prince. Enabling of receiving teletext before in the right corner of the screen labels HOTEL ON / OFF

Deprotection of children

  • Enter the menu function menu button or the blue button on the remote control, set the control with transparent blue background - see the manual to set the cursor to the line lock, press and hold the power button on the remote control hidden receive TXT until the display shows OFF LOCK.

(Line lock may not appear in the Options menu, if enabled the hotel.)

Rubin (Rubin) 51M10

To log in to the service in the standby mode, press the menu button on
front of the TV
and the 0 button on the remote. In order to remember the settings, press and hold the TV Unplug the TV
Removing the lock: enter the Options menu, select Lock, dial (2) (2) (white button)

Rubin (Rubin) Seria S07


Turn on the TV when you press (Volume +) and (menu) on the front of the TV. Navigating the menu buttons (P +) and (P-), change settings buttons (volume +) and (volume -).


4-2-1 Procedure for the "Settings" Mode
1. This mode uses the standard remote control.
Service mode is enabled by: (1) pressing "FACTORY"
Service key on the panel, or (2) by entering the following from the remote control sequence (for 2 seconds): STAND-BY> Display> MENU MUTE>?> POWER ON
2. "SERVICE (plant)" message will be displayed. Service mode has three components: Adjustment, option and reset.

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