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Entering the service menu: how to GB4 chassis (push and Vol-
CH + panel; holding, turn on the TV, switch
pages - menu)

* * *

TV Sharp 54DT-25SC.

  • Entering the service menu: Mode of working power button

turn off, push V- and CH + and holding, press the power button.

  • Reset "key" in 4D 00ustanavlivaem options.

* * *

LCD TV Sharp 54FT-16S, CA-1 chassis.

Processor - SDA5254-2_B001 and memory 24C041, IF and video processor -
Login to the service menu: accidentally found while picking up the code by Maku
to the TV.
On the Mac dial the code - 1156 and press the [- / -] to go out - she
well, everything ...
For ordinary use came good code - 1215.

* * *

TV Sharp 72AS-18SN.

Login to the service menu:
simultaneously press the CH + and VOL-and connect the device. preservation
change information - click on the remote "STAND BY" and TV

* * *

TV SHARP digital color.

Ingredients: processor. + VI LA76936Y 7N 59J3, TDKS BSC24-01N4014K, memory-24S08, tuner-DW.
After changing the memory geometry adjustment is needed.
Chip remote unknown - drop (14 feet). on
remote, except the main field and the digital buttons V +,
V-, P +, P-, are: system, menu, call, balan, woof,
zoom, mute, pp. Attempts to get out through the service codes 6483
and 6568 did not produce results. Pressing the menu button
lighted menu and continue working without modifying anything.


The method of "spear" found a combination of entering the service.
This is the bottom part of the button P + and the fourth "penny" near the top right of the drop.

* * *

TV SHARP 21HS-50S as a key to remove the settings menu.

Composition of machine: TDA9350PS / N2 / 3/0610, AN7523, MSP3400, TEA1507, AN5522.
I went into the service, but did not find anything to disable the mode.
control was G1061SA, brought back from Spain, known as


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